It’s July and yes, I am back! After 3 silent years I’ve decided to try(operative word here) to blog regularly. What brought about this, you ask. Well a few weeks ago, my car radio decided to go on ‘Protect’ mode for some strange reason & wouldn’t work. Spend a week and a half driving without music, which seemed strange at first but then allowed me to think aloud. Hence the decision to return to penning my useless random musings again.

So what’s been happening the past 3 years? Let me see….I discovered Graphic Recording – changed my life, I discovered I had NPC – changed my life dramatically. That’s in a nutshell.

Graphic Recording was something of a blessing for me, discovering a whole new vocation at 52! I had the youngest boss (only 25) and work that took me around the region, a joy to do and always appreciated for my effort. It was indeed a great blessing from on high, I had my early visualiser skills coupled with my advertising strategic thinking training to help me learn and catch on quite quickly. It’s a job that I really enjoy and am constantly refining, looking for the next big job with eager anticipation.

Discovering that I had NPC (Nasopharyngeal Cancer) came as a shock. I had experienced a recurring ear block and after much delay, decided to see a ENT. After scoping my ear then nose, the doctor said he wanted to take a biopsy from tissues in my nasal area. That was around 2 years back and what came was a rollercoaster ride of CAT, PET, MRI Scans, numerous back and forth with doctors of different hospitals, hours of waiting time at University Hospital, way early mornings, 2 chemo cycles & 35 radiotherapy sessions, hair & weight loss. In other words, pure hell.

This is my my Spidey Mask for Radiotherapy. I had to lie on a slab, have it screwed tight on my face and endure the whole procedure motionless for about 8 mins. (the wait was 2 hrs) After each session, my face looked like the Lizard on a bad day.

Treatment lasted till Nov16, 2015. I was 48kg, down from 68kg. I was a walking skeleton, unable to taste, had mouth ulcers and generally tired. My daily food intake consisted of steamed veg, corn, pumpkin, blended with seeds and sometime quinoa. Till late December, God granted me some taste in my mouth & I had Christmas turkey! Since then it’s been a steady recovery and today I am 58kg, still aiming to go above 60kg.

Well, that’s all I can manage today, more to come…pwomise!


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here’s a sampling of some of the work i’ve done, some cornier than others, but fantastic engagement! so blessed!

wow, it’s been more than half a year since i last wrote here! blogs are passé? or are they?

anyway, 2013 whizzed past rapidly and it’s the first day of oh four – and what a day! jenny got her iphone stolen in a slash and grab at paradigm mall today! so much for today, i really wanted to reminisce about the year that was.

’twas a year of ups and downs, i bring into this year an ear blockage that’s been irritating me for a month plus now, with little reprieve, save for a trip back to the ent. saw him last week and he noticed a growth near the inner canal, took a sample for a biopsy. these things scare the crapper out of me but at the same time it’s a dilemma of wanting to know or not, about the results.
also facing some car problem, the pajero’s road tax is due and can’t be renewed until there’s a name transfer. spent the better time yesterday morning at the glenmarie puspakom to get it insprcted to obtain the b5 form. now, it’s up to the powers that be to determine who the car is registered to. i’ve grown quite fond of hannibelle, despite her pricey road tax (rm 2,400+) a& fuel consumption.
my macbook pro’s been acting up again, thankfully at this period of time when the work’s a bit slow. gotta send it in again tomorrow! sigh.
my contract with eig has ended, much to some relief on my part. been my most long running client, not difficult to deal with but can be taxing at times. in a way i’m glad the tenure is over. need a break from the beauty products.
ok, so much for the niggling problems. here’s stuff to be thankful for.
at the start of 13 i made a commitment to write daily on fb, something to be thankful for.  am glad that after a full year i had only missed 2-3 days. it’s not an easy thing to do, thinking of things to be thankful for, some days there just isn’t anything spectacular, most days are pretty routine & mundane. still i managed to look for things to be thankful for and  in the process find joy & contentment in my so called life.
job-wise, it’s also been such a blessing.
got connected with mei kuen and am doing an on going newsletter for mahb.
randomly connect with a young chap on fb and then all of the sudden, got involved in several digital jobs. i must say, the opportunities in doing social media exploded last year, thanks to the Mighty Big Guy. am currently involved actively in content for world vision malaysia, nescafe gold malaysia, maggi malaysia, TAP, some century battery malaysia and artwork for nestle,  nestle omega plus, mom & me & poise! expect to see some additions this year!
work on the meta4 front is ongoing and it always feels like home when i go there. the fishermen have asked me to come by their place at solaris mont kiara but i really don’t fancy the long ride there and back.
also did a job for 9 lives for the first time in years! pidm, concepts and copy. an easy 1k.

on another note, went to have an initial chat with gab’s uncle paul over the taking over of his cafe, one stop and am really keen to get involved and learn a new skill, God-wiling. hope that comes through this year. the new year message at church was ‘ launch out into the deep’ – luke 4:5 so was that a sign? i guess at my age, there’s no harm in taking a bit of risk, as uncle paul said, ‘you can be successful if you put in a 100 percent’. i remain optimistic, still i shall trust in His leading, to open doors or to shut them according to His will.

just booked 2 weeks vacation to new zealand in may, finally getting to visit my dear friend, angie(she was down here last week or so, her mom passed away). looking forward to that, hope to have sufficient funds by then.

almost forgot! had a dengue attack right in the middle of haze season. worse. time. ever.
it started with a sudden loss of energy, then some fever. went to dr alan’s clinic for blood tests and stayed there a day on drip. the rest of the time was home bound, weak as anything. managed to eat raw papaya leaves in desperation – bitterest stuff on earth. supposed to help with the blood count. my dear friend sharon desouza, God bless her soul, came by and delivered 5 coconuts! spent 2 sleepless night in sweat pleading to either die or be healed! finally mustered strength to get back on my feet, also was committed to a job drawing caricatures and had to take a cab to solaris to complete 2 of the lapsed days, was excruciatingly hard but i survived! thankfully, it seemed it was a mild attack and was soon up & about in a week & a half tops. getting back into my exercise routine was tough but i managed somehow. now, looking back, i feel so blessed throughout the whole incident and am thankful to have lived through it stronger. 3 more strains to go, urgh!

it was also the year of the untimely death of alex yang, sadly missed by so many – at his funeral service, i was awed by the sheer number of people who turned up! it was a testament to the many lives he touched, often unselfishly, giving cheerfully of himself wholeheartedly. a giant of a man. rest in peace, alex. heaven has gained an angel.

so that was, in a nutshell my 2013, i look forward in anticipation of greater things this year, hope to update this blog more often as well. as pst daniel said in his address at watchnite: this will be a year of launching into the unknown, taking risks, doing things never done before….i ask again, was that a sign?
as always, the word for this year is: faith
do i have enough of it?


Breaking News:
The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said today in a press conference that they are fast closing in on the perpetrators of the 37 missing handguns. “We are tightening the net on those responsible as we fear that they may have fallen into the wrong fins.” When asked if they have any leads, he replied, ” Yes, we have a few suspects which we are grilling, the others we will pan fry.” Vowing to nab those responsible, he promised the public that he will “leave no coral unturned”. In a related story, Pixar has pledged support for the PDRM and will come up with a sequel to their 2003 hit, Finding Nemo. But instead of the story of a clownfish looking for his son, it will now feature a clown looking for his guns.


Oct 4.13

Now that the IGP has so brilliantly clarified, I’m terrified of going to the wet market! How can I ever feel safe now knowing that at any moment, a white pomfret may pull out a Smith & Wesson .38 and blow my brains out? What’s to stop a tenggiri from spraying me full of holes with an AK-47? We used to be afraid of loan sharks, now be very afraid of actual sharks! With M-16s! I know our streets are not safe, but now, Port Dickson? So dear Mr IGP, please don’t tell me that the 29 police cars are also in the sea. I shudder to think that I’ll be pulled over by a school of red snappers when I’m speeding happily in my jet-ski. But more importantly, in the event that i do get stopped, can I bribe them with a handful of ikan bilis?

October 3.13